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In the summer of 2016, Dipta and his family struggled to find a viable water source in their hometown of Kintamani, Indonesia. They were not alone. 1 in three people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. Motivated by his personal experience, in 2020, Dipta focused his final research project at the Green School on the deterioration of Bali’s water quality. After he finished his project, he continued to research clean water solutions. In June 2020, Dipta founded LIQUIFY – a self-sufficient organisation developing and building water solutions, providing Balinese communities with sustainable clean water sources, and educating children about the global water crisis.  After extensive research and testing, Dipta determined the most reliable and affordable water solutions were gravity-powered filters, water catchment systems, and recharge wells. He improved the technology of these systems to be easily adapted and implemented in any community.  

As well as advocating for access to clean water, LIQUIFY provides training and education to communities on maintaining and managing the water systems they implement, ensuring the initiative’s long-term success. They have also developed educational materials and original children’s books that teach about the importance of clean water and how to conserve it.

By providing innovative water solutions, enabling youth through education, and raising awareness about the global water crisis, LIQUIFY hopes to improve the lives of people in Bali. With The Iris Prize grant, they will also be able to invest in research and development to improve the technology and ensure its sustainability in the long term. 

The Winner.

Born in Bali, Indonesia, at just 17 years old, Dipta is already making an impact in Bali as the Founder of LIQUIFY and a passionate advocate for clean water access. Dipta’s commitment to creating positive change started when he was 15. Since then, he’s led the charge in building catchment systems, recharge wells, and biopores to bring clean, safe water to communities in need. When he’s not working on LIQUIFY, Dipta is a talented musician and plays five different instruments and has been a member of a Balinese and Marimba orchestra. Dipta’s story is a testament to the strength of youth and their ability to drive change. With his passion for music, love of sports, and dedication to providing clean water, Dipta embodies the spirit of Bali – a place of rich culture, natural beauty and a strong sense of community.



Clean Water Access: To date, LIQUIFY has successfully designed and built three large water catchment systems and recharge wells, providing approximately 700 people with access to clean water in Bali.

Educational Empowerment: LIQUIFY has provided five schools with 50 books and conducted workshops for 200 students to further its mission. Dipta believes education is the first step towards understanding and tackling the global water crisis. With the Iris Prize grant, LIQUIFY will reach 50 schools across Bali, providing 500 books and hosting workshops for over 2000 students.

Environmental Impact: LIQUIFY has installed six biophores (compact water catchment systems) on the Green School campus. This has reduced flooding and minimised water runoff while boosting soil fertility. The recently launched “Forever” Project will provide a clean water supply from a natural spring to a local village of 171 residents. In 2024, LIQUIFY will install 20 catchment systems and recharge wells in critical community areas, including schools and village community centres. They will also donate 50 gravity ultrafiltration filters to farmers. Access to clean water for agricultural purposes is crucial for sustainable farming practices.

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