Meet The Winners

The Iris Prize 2023 Awards

How we choose our winners.

Each year, we award three prizes to outstanding individuals or groups who best embody the spirit of The Iris Project – championing the protection and restoration of nature and the rights of those who defend it. For The Iris Prize 2023, we received over 350+ applications from young people in 63 countries. Using detailed scoring criteria and collective decision-making, the Advisory Panel and Iris Project team reviewed every application and put together a shortlist of 20 projects for the expert judging panel to review.

The winners receive grant funding, peer-to-peer mentorship and individualised capacity-building training to help develop their projects. Find out more about the capacity-building program here.

Through the judging process, it became evident that this year’s projects in the Iris Prize competition have illuminated the profound understanding and commitment of young minds towards addressing the pressing issues of climate and inequality. It’s a reminder that our youth not only recognise the urgency of these global challenges but also possess the ingenuity to forge transformative solutions. It’s time for us to shift from speaking for our future generations to empowering them to speak and act for themselves. The Iris Project aims to be a catalyst for this change, and the recognition of these outstanding projects marks a significant step in that direction.

Iris Prize 2024

Applications are now open.